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The client – GoMedii, wanted to revolutionize the way the customers were buying medicines, both for the local pharmacies and the customers. Aiming to translate the vision of “medicines at door” into reality, it wanted to develop a system which could facilitate users to order medicines from local pharmacies using mobile or web apps.

The client envisaged that a radical change was needed so that the customers could get the flexibility to select the store on the basis of different parameters like ratings, discounts, or distance, etc.


Aspiring to be India’s largest online marketplace for prescription and OTC drugs, GoMedii had quite a few non-functional requirements to empower the user to quickly order using a mobile application, as stated below:

The system must be absolutely secure to comply with health care systems standards and policies.

The system must be flexible to accommodate changes in future requirements.

It must demonstrate high performance to handle the heavy number of users and daily transactions.

It must be user-friendly so that pharmacy executives, senior citizens and technology-shy people can operate the application very easily. Introducing Technology to the Medicine Marketplace

When the client was actually conceptualizing the whole ecosystem to be set up for establishing an online marketplace for the medicine buyers and pharmacies, it sought a reliable partner to help it accomplish the feat.


The client found the right partner in Bluelupin, and it got involved in this project right from the start. Bluelupin chose the most advanced, yet standard technology stack to build GoMedii, which entails ASP.NET Core API, SQL Server, Angular 2, Native iOS, Native Android, Instamojo Payment Gateway, MSG91 SMS API, Firebase push notification system, Microsoft Azure - Web Apps, Web Jobs, Queue Worker, and Google Analytics.


Bluelupin recommended the following systems:

1. Creation of an Administration Portal: This portal would comprise of:

  • Centralized medicines database 
  • Store registration and verification 
  • Centralized accounting Permission management


2. Formation of a Helpdesk Portal: This portal would encompass:

  • Centralized medicines database 
  • Store registration and verification 
  • Centralized accounting Permission management

The helpdesk portal would act as a moderator and bridge the gap between consumers and local pharmacies. This system would track, review and rectify all the orders efficiently.


3. Creation of a Pharmacy Portal: A single-page application (SPA) would work on the order queue effectively. The pharmacists would use this portal for managing their orders and accounting purposes.


4. Consumer Mobile and Web Apps Development: Building user-friendly native iOS/Android and Angular apps would help buyers to order medicines in less than 30 seconds from their nearest pharmacy stores. These apps have some intuitive features like: 

  • Consumers can locate nearby pharmacies at their current location(s) using city and locality as filter criteria 
  • Consumers can upload prescriptions or simply enter their desired items 
  • The notification-centric workflow would help consumers trace their orders and Quickly repeat previous orders


5. Delivery Executive App Development: This app facilitates delivery executives to efficiently manage the delivery of orders.


6. Sales Executive App Development: This app facilitates the sales executives to register the pharmacy stores in the system quickly.


With Bluelupin setting up the whole technology infrastructure for GoMedii, the company has started gaining traction. The app is currently being loved by the users with 4+ ratings on the Google Playstore.

The difference with the Bluelupin’s technology stack is that GoMedii isn’t shooting in the dark anymore. Their vision is not just a whim or fancy thought, but has actually translated into a reality giving medicine buyers an instant access to an e-pharmacy.

This technology has empowered them to purchase medicines from approved medicine shops/pharmacies in their neighborhood. Buyers can order prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications that are delivered free of cost at their doorsteps.

To know more about GoMedii, click on any of the links below.

Website link: https://www.gomedii.com/

App link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gomedii


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