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Small Introduction

Founded in 1967, Maxxis has been offering a supply of premium tyres in a variety of models for over 50 years now. When it comes to delivering high-quality and performance tyres which suit plenty of vehicles, Maxxis is one of the trusted brands in the market. Today, the organisation has established its presence in over 180 countries and has more than 30,000 employees working for it across the globe. After years long experience in distributorship in India, the company opened its own business in India in 2014. Maxxis Rubber India Private Limited – a company under Maxxis Group - is building its first Indian manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Client Summary

Today, Maxxis Rubber India is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality two-wheeler tyres. This 400 million-US-dollar investment alone is considered Maxxis’s first step to introducing its full range in the country. As a part of its expansion, Maxxis found the need of leveraging technological solutions and collaborated with Bluelupin for the creation and implementation of a modern website which both dealers and customers can easily interact with.


Development and implementation of the website demanded a high amount of technological expertise and Maxxis trusted in the capabilities of our tech experts. They required a high-performing web solution that catered to both customers and dealers. The software product had to meet certain standards such as:

For the consumer side, the website should:

  • Reflect the culture and core values of the brand.
  • Run on multiple devices – phones, tablets and desktops- smoothly.
  • Be capable of being completely managed by the Content Management Team.
  • Have reduced load time and get good ranking in GTMetrix test.
  • Be highly SEO-friendly.
  • Have lightning-fast product search solutions.
  • Have easy dealer search features.
  • Be integrated with Google Maps.


As for the dealers, a separate section that enabled them to register themselves had to be incorporated where they could perform functions like:

  • Tyre Registration 
  • Claim Management


At the helpdesk section, the backend technical team should be equipped with tools to perform:

  • Verification of dealers
  • Claim verifications and Approval
  • The CMS requirements included providing a platform where the marketing and content team can dynamically work on and manage media and content with ease. 


The solution consisted of two components- technological infrastructure and hosting architecture. We made use of the best tools and resources to custom-build a platform that doesn’t compromise performance and security. A secure and scalable hosting architecture was developed using AWS to deliver a high-performing web experience. 


Tech Stack

  • A custom laser-focused CMS solution with high performance was built since the WordPress website couldn’t do a satisfactory job from performance, features and security points of view.
  • Laravel 5.7 was chosen as the backend web framework for its high productivity, performance and security features. The packages used included:
  • NOVA- for CMS
  • Horizon – to manage job queue
  • Scout – for search integration
  • Vue framework was used for the creation of form elements and dynamic pages because of its great performance and high productivity.
  • Algolia- a cloud-based search service- was used to facilitate quick searches.
  • AWS Aurora MySQL 5.7 was the database used as it improves storage efficiency without compromising performance.
  • While SendGrid was the Email tool, Text Local was used to sending SMS.


Hosting Architecture

  • NGINX- load balancer
  • A number of Opcache enabled NGINX web app instances 
  • Redis- for Queue, Caching and Session management
  • AWS Aurora MySQL 5.7-  for scalable, managed and secure database service
  • S3-  for document and media storage
  • CloudFront distribution set up to S3 endpoint for CDN
  • Git hooks and shell scripts allowing automated deployment


With the help of skilled and experienced tech experts at Bluelupin, Maxxis Rubber India could develop a cloud-based web solution that:

  • Is highly responsive and interactive
  • Runs efficiently on multiple devices 
  • Can be easily managed by the content team


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