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NIWISH is a digital platform that's reshaping the world of investments. With a core vision of simplifying investment options, NIWISH empowers individuals to invest effortlessly in physical gold and silver.

Through its collaboration with Bluelupin, NIWISH has crafted an inclusive platform that lets users start investing with as little as ₹10.


NIWISH is trying to revolutionize how people participate in financial growth. We helped Niwish create a user-friendly interface that makes investing in precious metals a seamless and modern experience, making it accessible and meaningful for everyone.


The project's scope and objectives centered around developing a comprehensive website for NIWISH, enabling users to buy and sell physical gold and silver seamlessly.

The key goals were to provide a user-friendly platform facilitating investments in precious metals, focusing on accessibility and affordability. The primary objectives included:

1. Enabling Investment Flexibility:

The website offered an intuitive and user-centric design, making it easy for individuals to navigate and engage with the investment process. The goal was to provide a seamless user experience that accommodated users of all technological backgrounds.

One of the main objectives was to help users invest in precious metals (gold & silver) with remarkable flexibility and ease. By setting the minimum investment as low as ₹10, the website aimed to democratize gold and silver investments, making them accessible to many users.

2. Streamlined Buying Process:

 The website's development focused on creating a streamlined process for users to purchase and sell gold and silver quickly and securely. The goal was to enable users to initiate transactions with just a few clicks, minimizing the barriers to entry and simplifying the investment journey.

Alongside buying, the platform aimed to sell digital gold and silver at transparent market prices. The website's architecture needed to accommodate real-time price updates and provide users with a straightforward process to liquidate their investments.

3. Guaranteed Purity and Security:

The authenticity and security of the purchased metals were top priorities. The platform was designed to offer guaranteed purity, assuring users that the gold and silver they bought had never left trusted vaulting infrastructure. The security of assets and transactions was a fundamental consideration.

4. Payment Gateways:

The website allows its users to transact using various payment methods.

This integration was important as it provided users with a convenient and reliable way to fund their investments.

The website's development prioritized a responsive design that worked seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes. This objective was crucial for users who accessed the platform from different devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

5. Educational Resources:

As part of the project's scope, the website aimed to educate users about the benefits of investing in precious metals. This objective included providing relevant information and resources that empowered users to make informed investment decisions.

6. Data Privacy and Compliance:

A key objective was ensuring the website complied with data privacy regulations and industry standards. Implementing robust security measures and privacy protocols was crucial to safeguarding users' personal and financial information.

The website development project aimed to empower users to start their investment journey in gold and silver with confidence, transparency, and convenience by achieving these objectives. The resulting platform would provide a modern, accessible, and secure solution for individuals looking to invest in precious metals.


Bluelupin specializes in web development, creating impactful and high-performance cloud-based web applications. With a focus on innovation and modern user experiences, Our team excels in front and backend development, enabling seamless digital solutions across various industries.


1.    Customer Web Portal and Mobile Apps

2.    Partner Portal

3.    Admin Portal

4.     Marketing Website

User Experience and Interface:

 We created a user-friendly interface for NIWISH's platform by considering the complexity of financial transactions and investment decisions. The design was centered around simplifying the investment process and making it easier for users of all familiarity with technology. Steps taken to achieve this included:

Clear Navigation: Bluelupin ensured the website's navigation was straightforward and logical. Important sections such as buying, selling, and account management were prominently displayed, allowing users to find what they wanted easily.

Step-by-Step Guidance: The investment process was broken down into clear, step-by-step instructions. Users were guided through each stage, making it easy to follow and complete transactions without confusion.

User-Friendly Forms: Forms for inputting information, such as investment amount and payment details, were designed simply. The interface minimized the need for extensive data entry and provided helpful prompts where necessary.

Visual Clarity: Visual elements, such as icons and graphics, helped convey information quickly and effectively. This was especially important for conveying concepts related to precious metals and investment.

Tech Stack

Bluelupin employed various advanced technologies to develop the NIWISH website, contributing to its functionality and performance. These technologies included:

AWS Cloud Services: AWS cloud services, including Amazon API Gateway, AWS CloudWatch, AWS Step Functions,  AWS DynamoDB, and AWS Aurora, laid the foundation for this scalable platform. These services facilitated seamless integrations, real-time data processing, and efficient backend operations.

Containerization with Docker and AWS Fargate: Using Docker and AWS Fargate allowed for streamlined container-based backend development. This approach ensured efficient resource allocation, easy scaling, and enhanced application stability.Bluelupin employed frameworks like Adonisjs and Laravel for backend development. These frameworks accelerated development while maintaining code quality and security.

Frontend Development: Frontend technologies such as React.js with Next.js  and Typescript were used to create dynamic and responsive user interfaces. This contributed to a seamless user experience across devices. React Native framework is used to achieve a seamless user experience for iPhone and Android devices

Database: Bluelupin used a mix of relational and NoSQL databases, including PostgreSQL, and DynamoDB. These databases ensured efficient data storage and retrieval, crucial for financial transactions. For caching and queuing, we used Redis.

DataAnalytics: Python, Data lakes, and Google Sheets for data analytics and reporting

Technology Highlights

1.    Microservice based architecture

2.    Next.13 with App Router and Typescript approach

3.    React Native development with business logic overlapping between React.js code

4.   Shopify-like Multipass authentication for seamless external platform integration

5.    AuditLog compliance coverage with Dynamodb

6.    Marketing campaigns (UTM) tracking and reporting

7.    Data Lakes for data analytics and reporting

8.    Fraud detection algorithms




Bluelupin's website development expertise aligned exceptionally well with NIWISH's mission and goals. The user-centric design, simplified investment process, and emphasis on modern user experiences perfectly supported NIWISH's aim to make investing in gold and silver accessible and hassle-free.

The collaboration between Bluelupin and NIWISH stands out as a successful case of translating a financial service into a user-friendly digital platform due to the following factors:

Simplicity and Accessibility: Bluelupin's design and development strategies made gold and silver investments accessible to a broader audience, even those with limited financial expertise.

Streamlined Process: The website's intuitive interface streamlined the investment process, removing barriers and complexities often associated with financial transactions.

Advanced Technology: By leveraging AWS Cloud Services and advanced frameworks, Bluelupin enabled a smooth and secure digital experience, reinforcing user trust.

Scalability: The scalable architecture ensured the platform could handle high traffic volumes without compromising performance, aligning with modern user expectations.

In summary, the collaboration created a digital platform that transformed NIWISH's mission into a reality, offering users a modern, practical, and efficient way to invest in precious metals.


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