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Small Introduction

Established in 1972, Tri Marine has a rich history of working in the fishing industry. With the help of strategically located supply sources and offices, the experts at Tri Marine have been successful in offering customers a variety of optimized supply chain solutions. Equipped with vast knowledge and experience in the fishing business, today, the company is a leading supplier of tuna and tuna products worldwide. From fishing and processing to trading and marketing tuna products, Tri Marine covers all these aspects of the business on a global level.

Client Summary

Considering its global market, Tri Marine decided to reap the benefits of technological solutions to ensure operational optimization. While this digital transition had to meet certain company and industry standards, it also had to cover various aspects of the company’s growth requirements. The need for a cloud-based central operations portal that can facilitate the tracking and reporting of Tuna services seamlessly was pretty evident. That’s when Tri Marine partnered with Bluelupin Technologies for the creation and implementation of an operations portal that can help them achieve their future business goals.


Tri Marine’s Tuna Service (TTS) operations are managed to work with 10 offices, 11 fisheries and 19 processing facilities that are spread across various parts of the globe- from Europe’s Bilbao (Spain) and Piacenza (Italy) to Asia-Pacific’s Majuro (Marshall Islands) and Pago Pago (American Samoa). Covering this vast geographical expanse to ensure operational efficiencies was a cumbersome task. This called for the development of a central system that can track and report all the TTS operations. But, this technological solution had to meet various requirements including:


  • Universal access to operational data related to TTS’ finished goods saved on the operations portal.
  • Eliminate data entry and human errors seeping through the supply chain by using electronic data exchange with upstream or downstream processes or systems.
  • Developing roles, user types and user accounts to ensure granular access control.
  • Providing validation at each step of the process according to business rules.
  • Offering software infrastructure to automatically deliver reports based on predetermined schedules.
  • A feature to export operational data to third-party logistics and supply chains.


Bluelupin decided on developing a software solution on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud- a cloud computing platform by Microsoft that helps organizations in building, deploying and managing various systems and services. Azure was the ideal choice for Tri Marine as it offers a secure platform that offers business continuity, data resilience and disaster recovery measures. In the end, the Marine Operations Portal (TOPS) developed by Bluelupin succeeded in ensuring uniform operations by incorporating various features. This includes:

  • Facilitating data exchange on a platform-neutral web service to avail data on various systems.
  • Granular permissions based on assigned roles that determine data access.
  • A comprehensive interface to ensure seamless tracking and reporting of operations across the globe.
  • A web system for approving adherence to industry and company standards, policies, rules and certifications.


With TOPS, the aggregation, curation, validation and secure storage of TTS’ operations data on the Azure platform was possible and thus, the solution benefitted Tri Marine in the following ways:

  • Thanks to the fully integrated web portal that catered to all areas of TTS’ operations, the identification of a sub-par batch of canned fish was simple, fast and accurate.
  • All the relevant data was captured in electronic data format and the solution provided an audit trail of operations on the web portal.
  • Secure and platform-neutral exchange and retrieval of data for partners, third parties and external systems.

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