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If used for the right reasons and with a clear vision, education and technology are one of the most powerful combinations out there.

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We enhance teaching processes.

From digitizing textbooks and courses to building educational apps based on users' needs and preferences, introducing technological tools into the academic realm can help fulfill a number of purposes.

Whether your industry focuses on teaching toddlers, school and college-going students or adults, the ideal Edutech solutions can offer efficient, effective and personalized learning experiences.

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LMS Design

Learning Management System or LMS is a platform for online learning. A well-developed LMS design has the ability to convert time-consuming in-person courses into e-learning courses that are equally engaging, effective and scalable.

If you are someone working in the business industry, this modern e-learning platform can not only save you time and money but also helps in improving the competencies of your employees from any place, at any time and with any device.

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Course Design

With a good LMS design, you can improve your efficiency by managing both courses and users. Additionally, they carry out tedious tasks like grading, analysing statistics and preparing reports automatically.

Working with us, you can build an LMS platform that stores organized online courses, provides easy access to content and helps with a quick evaluation of results.

Third-Party Integration | Bluelupin

Third-Party Integration

Third-party integrations involve analyzing and adopting the features of other software solutions to improve the quality and functionality of your software product. At Bluelupin, we facilitate the integration of platforms such as Zoom and Big Blue Button into your LMS design.

Big Blue Button is web-based conferencing and collaborative software used by educational institutions to provide e-learning facilities. Zoom, on the other hand, is a web and mobile-based application that enables online meetings, sharing of files, group messaging etc.

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At Bluelupin, we begin with open discussions of your goals and requirements for the application. Backed by intense research and well-thought strategies, we design and employ our strengths in design thinking and engineering, as we bring to you the latest and innovative Edutech solutions. Are you thinking of an idea to aid pre-schoolers in developing their intellect? Do you want to create a software solution that can simplify distance learning or improve the quality of your educational system? Or are you looking to build a platform that can help your employees achieve their training goals?

Whatever your need is, we're ready to help you.

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The business forecasts say educational apps are in high demand ever since 2020 and this will only continue to rise. A digital education platform can leverage new and exciting developments in technology and build easy and simple learning experiences.

Whether you want to shift from your traditional teaching methods and go digital or you want to migrate to a better platform, we ensure the smooth execution of this process without losing any data.

What makes Bluelupin stand out?

With years of experience in building, reviewing and supporting various educational technologies and platforms, we can be trusted with the creation of engaging, interactive and time-saving software products. Our skilled professionals who have undertaken a number of projects in the education sector can offer many different services that can benefit the growth of your organisation. We understand every business and industry is unique and thus, offer software solutions that are tailored best for your company or field.

Haven’t you launched your Edutech platform yet? Or are you struggling to grow with already set-up Edutech software? In either case, get in touch with our experts to develop accurate and efficient software solutions.

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