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Today, as the world of business continues to remain online for the most part, a website acts as the face of your business.

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Full cycle UX/UI

A good UX design that attracts users and satisfies their needs creates a positive experience. Every business will have its own UX design process as it mostly depends on what works for your business. However, the whole process involves a lot of researching, testing and analyzing. At Bluelupin, we begin by understanding two critical aspects of your business: your brand and your user. Then, we conduct detailed user research to learn about your strengths and pain points. A few surveys will also be conducted in this stage to find out users’ attitudes towards your brand. With all the required information in hand, we then analyze and start building your design. Once it is developed, it is time for implementation.

We do not leave it at that. After the launch, there’s another round of analysis to make sure everything works as envisioned

Enterprise UX | Bluelupin

Enterprise UX

Unlike Consumer UX, Enterprise UX is designed to cater to people at work. Certain companies have applications that assist their workers with internal operations. This is designed with the aim of making their work easier and simpler. Your employees can work efficiently only if they are provided with the best tools. A good enterprise UX design has a number of benefits such as increased productivity, easier productivity and improved internal interactions.

Here at Bluelupin, while we give importance to the functionality of the solution, we also do not compromise on usability.

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We were one of the early developers who mastered the modern JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue.

Facebook had announced ReactJS as a framework that changed the norms of how apps were developed.

Web and App Mobile Design | Bluelupin

Web and App Mobile Design

At Bluelupin, we develop web and app mobile designs keeping in mind the convenience of your users and the goals of your business. Working with us, you can create an engaging website or mobile app for your business that will make your users want to come back.

Our designs usually deliver a blend of useful and intuitive experiences to ensure users don’t get frustrated while using the app or website.

Front-end Development | Bluelupin

Front-end Development

Front-end development is all about the design elements you see when you visit a website or a mobile application. A well-thought front end is what determines the smooth functioning of your software.

Whether you assign us the development of a single-page app or a sophisticated website, we focus on developing an intuitive design that users love to engage in.

What makes Bluelupin stand out?

With years of experience in the User Experience Design industry, we can proudly say that our capabilities have helped many businesses enhance the interaction between their customers and digital presence. We focus on analyzing the user behaviour and their interaction pattern with the website or application. Our developers and designers use the latest design tools and technologies to build personalized user experiences that improve usability and engagement. We ensure that we accomplish the goal of making the user’s experience easy and satisfying.

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