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The marketing world has witnessed a full-on video revolution in the past few years.

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Can you believe that people spend an average of 19 hours a week watching videos online?

In this scenario, video content development and marketing have become a necessity for any business- small or big- trying to promote its brand online.


First things first, everything begins with a consultation where your business needs are discussed.Once the ultimate goal for the video is defined, we start brainstorming for ideas or concepts that will present your message to your audience in the best possible way. Out of a lot of potential concepts, we finally narrow it down to the very best.


The next step is to build a solid video strategy around the concept. This process involves planning a number of things and that includes how to:

Produce the video within a budget and deadline Target the audience and distribute the video in such a way that it reaches them Reuse or repurpose the video content for future use and improved ROI


The script is the blueprint of your video and that is why you should leave script writing in the hands of our experts. Almost everything that makes it into the script will be a part of the final video content. Hence, we ensure that it’s detailed and written carefully.


Next up in the process is storyboard development which is the visual representation of how your video will be shot. This helps visualize every shot of your video in detail involving aspects such as lighting, framing and transitions.


We produce live, motion graphics and animation videos. Here, it’s made sure that the script and storyboard are followed closely. We know that the success of a video depends on using the right components. Hence, we have the best tools and resources to develop the visual content for your business which will appeal to your audience.


Editing is that element which can make or break your storytelling process. Our skilled editors are constantly looking for newer trends and technologies within the industry so that we can get across the core message of your video in the most ideal way.

Voice Over

Voice is what makes your video more personal to your audience. In order for the final edit to look cohesive, it’s crucial to ensure that the voiceover works well with the footage.


At Bluelupin, we guarantee to bring in new perspectives to present your brand in creative ways, thus ensuring that you have an edge over your competitors.


Once you’re happy with the final cut, it’s time for sharing and distributing your video content according to your strategy. We support public, proprietary or secure streaming of videos.

Pre-Production & Post-Production

At Bluelupin, we focus on solving your business challenges in creative ways. Thus, we engage in pre-production, production and post-production work of a variety of videos such as product explanation videos, product marketing videos, educational videos and product launch videos.

Why should you choose Bluelupin?

Creating a video isn’t enough; it has to be of high quality. Collaborating with a video production company like Bluelupin, we assure the creation of high-quality video tailored to your business’s needs. We understand that having a high production standard can make a better impression on your customers and prospects. Working with us, you do not have to go through the hassle of planning, shooting and editing a video all by yourself. We ensure that you get the video content you need within a short span of time and under a clear budget.

If you are still skeptical about investing in video production, let us remind you, you are losing out on a lot of benefits. This is the right time for you to put together a video strategy for your promotion toolbox. Wonder where to start? Get in touch with our experts now!

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation